Migraines Since Birth & Endometriosis


Kaitlin has struggled with health her entire life. She was diagnosed with chronic migraines when she was only three days old and she began having them three or more times a week. After that, she was diagnosed with Wilson’s disease, endometriosis, and gastroparesis, along with many other health concerns. She constantly suffered with nausea and severe abdominal pain. At one point she became unable to gain weight and process nutrition, so she was hooked up to an IV for ten hours each day in order to receive proper nutrition. She endured this regimen for four years, constantly being fearful of germs and having to focus on sterilizing her environment to avoid getting sick. She tirelessly searched for answers with every kind of specialist possible, but “no doctor looked at me as a whole; just as individual parts and organs,” Kaitlin said. She had multiple surgeries to help reduce or eliminate her symptoms, sadly to no avail. She eventually gave up hope knowing that her life would always be filled with these debilitating migraines and other severe health problems. She was also told that due to her endometriosis, she would never have children.

When Dr. Babin met Kaitlin and learned of her debilitating migraines, he encouraged her to try upper cervical chiropractic care in hopes that it would reduce the frequency and intensity of her migraines. At first she was not sure if it would help due to her history, but she decided to give it a try. “After ten years of endometriosis, I had my second menstrual cycle of my life within hours of being adjusted. After about a month, my migraines were completely gone and so was my nausea.” Kaitlin never felt hungry and doctors told her that the nerves in her stomach that would cue hunger were dead and would never work. However after being adjusted through upper cervical chiropractic, Kaitlin finally felt hunger for the first time in her life. She was shocked at the results!

Since beginning her journey with upper cervical chiropractic, Kaitlin has been able to eliminate all drugs she was taking for her health concerns. In addition, she and her husband are ecstatic to be expecting the birth of their child in April 2019 and she has continued to receive upper cervical chiropractic care all throughout her pregnancy! “Dr. Babin is one of those people you meet and he instantly makes you feel comfortable. He looked at me as a whole and he let me tell him my whole story and what I wanted my future to be. He has given me back my life and I am now able to enjoy life. Everyone needs upper cervical chiropractic care, whether they have pain or not!”