What does "Via Vitae" mean?


The phrase "Via Vitae" is latin and when directly translated means "Way of Life." Our name carries a very special meaning for us. As we started our chiropractic journey, we created our own idea about what health care is and what it means to be healthy. Like most people, we thought that when we "felt good" and we didn't have any symptoms that we were healthy. We also believed that health care was a service you received when something was wrong or when you are sick. However, we soon realized that health is not simply determined by an absence of symptoms. We learned that sometimes a person who feels great may have an underlying problem that is stealing years from their life and preventing them from reaching their highest health potential. Soon it became clear that what we once thought was health care was truly "sick care" and that true health and wellness meant more than feeling good. It meant that our bodies had to function well. Learning about what true health is gave us a completely new perspective on what it means to be healthy - it became for us a new way of life.