Severe Rotator Cuff Pain

Linda - Shoulder Pain - Cropped.jpeg

Linda is an active woman who loves to play pickle ball with her friends. This sport can be described as a cross between tennis and badminton and it can be very intense on parts of the body. Linda played pickle ball often until something stood in her way. She began to suffer with severe shoulder pain, known as Shoulder Impingement Syndrome. This condition would cause her to have severe pain any time she would move her arm, especially when playing pickle ball. Worried that she might have torn her rotator cuff again, Linda had an MRI taken. However the MRI did not leave her with answers, so Linda continued trying to endure the excruciating pain. Sadly, she gave up her favorite sport as she was no longer able to play with the amount of pain she was enduring. Linda was encouraged to seek chiropractic care in hopes that it would relieve her symptoms.

She came to Dr. Babin expecting that he would adjust her shoulder. When the doctor told her he was going to adjust the first bone in her neck, the atlas, she became very confused. Dr. Babin explained how upper cervical chiropractic care allows the nervous system to optimally function by placing the vertebrae in the spine into their proper place, removing nerve interference and allowing the body to heal. Although doubtful this treatment would work, she agreed to continue. “The first treatment fixed my problem. I jokingly told Dr. Babin that it must be magic,” Linda said. Since Dr. Babin removed the interference in her nervous system by adjusting the atlas, the rest of the nervous system was able to function better as the rest of her spine aligned itself back into its proper place. This allowed her body to heal and caused her symptoms to reduce.

Today, Linda has happily returned to playing pickle ball pain-free. “Dr. Babin was very professional and pleasant. He was willing to explain anything I asked. I would definitely recommend upper cervical chiropractic care no matter the problem!”